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Hi Everyone

Center Yourself is not just a place, its a way of life. So many times people find themselves in need of more positivity, empowerment, wellness, and happiness in their lives. Here at Center Yourself it is our mission to help you find, continue on, or create your path. What makes you happy? What do you want your life to be? Is your energy running at optimum levels? Are there events in your life you need to deal with? Trauma? We can help with that. We offer an array of energetic, spiritual, and physical methods to help give you the tools to be successful. Let us help you achieve your true happiness through spiritual wellness, mindfulness, and empowering methods. 

Be Well ~ Be Empowered ~ Be Happy

and by all means

Center Yourself

Treat yourself to health.

So happy to say that Papua coffee is the official coffee of Center Yourself. Non acidic and full of healing properties. Would love to share a cup with you during our sessions.. You can buy it on Amazon. Look for the logo to get the right one. Comes in flavors too!