Center Yourself

Upcoming Events!

Tarot Specials. All of April and May

group specials available.

please call for details. 760-686-3942

A Huge Thank you to Mr. P's class for inviting me to come speak. I had a great time. Its So nice to see teachers supporting the gifts and interests of their students.

Couples relationship and communication readings.. Learn what your strong poi rd are and the areas you can work on to be stronger than ever..

Reading lasts one to 1 and a half hours. 

Please make an appointment.

Cost 100.00

Remember readings can be done over the phone, in person, or via Skype. Have a sister overseas? No problem... I work with overseas clients all the time!

Welcome Spring!!!!

Always show unconditional love and tolerance. Be present and hold space for those that need it. Patience and understanding can go a very long way.

Since spring has sprung and people are spring cleaning how about cleaning out your energy. I am offering a great incentive. If you refer someone that comes in for a reading/cleanse, you get 40% off your next visit. If you refer 3 you receive a free cleanse or balance.


Wheel of the year reading special is upon us. Just like last year I am offering this reading for 100.00 from Dec- May... This is a perfect way to help plan your year or give as a gift to help others plan their year. You won't be disappointed!

Group Readings I have started doing group readings on Friday nights.. Get some friends together and come on down for a fun night of spiritual mayhem... these are private parties not public. Give me a call or text and schedule your own party!  760 686 3942