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Upcoming Events!

Monthly Specials and More

Gift certificates make great gifts. Give them something to remember. Get them a gift certificate for a healing session today!

Too much stress? Relax and center with a reiki session. Let the energy fill you with healing and relaxing energy. Call for an appointment today.

Reiki classes starting in January. Enroll today for your first class and attunement. Classes will be held on Sat. mornings twice a month.  Please call for registration. $150.00 

Tarot Specials.

Group specials available.

Please call or text for details. 760-686-3942

Couples relationship and communication readings.. Learn what your strong points are and the areas you can work on to be stronger than ever..

Reading lasts one to 1 and a half hours. 

Please make an appointment.

Cost 100.00

Remember readings can be done over the phone, in person, or via Skype. Have family and friends overseas? No problem... I work with overseas clients all the time! Video chat is great!

Summer time!!!

Always show unconditional love and tolerance. Be present and hold space for those that need it. Patience and understanding can go a very long way. Fill family and friends with the warmth of kindness. 

This is a great season to work on self love and motivation. Having a hard time loving yourself or finding your happiness? Make an appointment today and unblock yourself. Jump over those hurdles holding you back. If you don't know the hurdles.... We can figure it out! $50.00 for an assessment. Lasts about 45 min. 

Group Readings I have started doing group readings on Saturday nights.. Get some friends together and come on down for a fun night of spiritual mayhem... these are private parties not public. Give me a call or text and schedule your own party!  760 686 3942



Karen Roark

We have added a new Reiki practitioner to the Center Yourself family. She is a gifted healer and a fantastic soul sister. I'm so happy she chose to reinforce our mission.  Please make an appointment with her today...